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Support Hours and Response Times:

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The following support requests must be submitted in writing.
Please visit our Support Forms page to download these forms:

  • Add American Express and/or Discover
  • Change Checking Account
  • eCheck Application (Authorize.Net)
  • Request Alternate Processor (FDC or Vital)
  • GatewayOnly Application (Authorize.Net)
  • Change DBA/Billing Descriptor
  • Change Phone Number
  • Change Mailing Address
  • Request a Refund
  • Request Copy of past Statements
  • Request Explanation of Fees
  • Notice to Terminate Merchant Account
  • Deposit Inquiry Analysis


For questions regarding your merchant account or POS, please call 800-895.4085.


For help processing a sale outside of normal business hours, please call 888-888-4009 x4.


For questions regarding your Authorize.Net gateway, please call 877-447-3938 or email support@authorize.net.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. I'm having trouble logging into my account.

If you have forgotten your username and/or password, there are links on the login page to help you. If you have forgotten both, click on Forgot Username first and enter your email address. An email will be sent to you containing your username. Then, click on Forgot Password and enter your username. Once your username is confirmed, an email will be sent to you with a new temporary password to login. Once you login, you can update your password to something you can remember.

2. How do I process a transaction?

Once you have logged into your account, click on Process a Sale. You can either swipe a credit card using the Charge screen or manually key enter the information by using the Card Not Present screen. To swipe a card, make sure the USB card reader is plugged into your computer and a green light is lit on the card reader. Swipe the card through and the data will be transmitted to the page. Then enter the amount of the transaction and select Submit.


If the card reader is not reading the data or you are taking the transaction over the telephone, select the Card Not Present screen. You will need to key enter the First Name, Last Name, Zip Code, Card Number, Expiration Date, and the Amount of the sale at a minimum. The other fields are additional information and not required. Then select Submit.

3. My card reader is showing a red light and won't work.

The first time you use your card reader, you may need to do some setup for it to work. If you are using a Windows based computer or a Google Chromebook, you should be able to plug the card reader in and wait a moment for the light to turn green. If it continues to stay red, try swiping a card on the process a sale screen to see if it accepts the data. If it still does not work, please call support for further troubleshooting.


For a Apple Mac computer or laptop, plug the card reader into the USB port. Your MAC will recognize a new user interface device. Swipe a card through the reader for it to recognize what type of device you are using, then select English as the language. Your card reader should work now.


If you continue to have trouble, please email support pos@merchantfocus.com or call us at 800.895.4085.

4. How do a I refund a sale?

You can refund a transaction by swiping or manually entering the information. This is done in a very similar method in which you processed a sale. Either swipe the card on the Refund screen or manually enter the data on the Card Not Present screen while in Refund mode. Enter the information the same as you would to process a sale and the amount of the refund, then hit Submit. Please note, you can not refund more than you originally charged the card.

5. How do I customize my receipts?

You must be logged in as the admin user of your account. Then click on Settings. To make your receipts look nice, you will want to add the name of your company and your company logo. You will add the name of your company on the General tab and your logo on the Images tab. You can also add a QR Code that will link back to your website or offer a promotion if you wish. On the Receipts tab, enter your company information which will show in the upper right corner of the receipt. There is also a section on the left column to input information for a promotion or general text and a section to enter a Tag Line or Slogan for your company at the bottom of the receipt. Once you have entered information, click on Preview Receipt to see if you like how it looks. Edit the receipt further if needed.

6. What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is a matrix barcode that can be scanned by popular smart phones that can link to different things such as your company website, a promotion or coupon or some other marketing you wish to do. You can use several different web utilities to generate a free QR Code such as www.qrstuff.com or qrcode.kaywa.com. Doing a Google search for QR Code Generator will bring up tons if different options to generate a free code you can use with your business. Please Note that Merchant Focus does not endorse any specific QR Code generator and should be used on at your own discretion.

7. How do I give my customer a receipt?

You have two methods of giving a receipt to a customer. You can print a receipt if you have a standard printer connected to your computer or laptop or you can email the receipt. At the end of the transaction, you will see a screenshot of the receipt with the options to print a Merchant Receipt (this is your copy), Customer Receipt, Both Receipts, or Email Customer Receipt.


We strongly encourage you to always print the Merchant Receipt so you can collect the customer signature for the sale and retain it for your records. This is important in case a merchant ever attempts to do a Chargeback against your company.


If the customer wants a receipt, Select the Both Receipts button and you will get a customer and merchant copy of the receipt. Have the customer sign the merchant copy to retain for your records and give the customer receipt to your customer.


If you want to email the receipt to the customer, first select Merchant Receipt to get a customer signature for your records, then select Email Customer Receipt. A screen will appear asking you to enter the customers email address. Once you click OK, the receipt will email to the customer immediately.


We strongly encourage you to email the receipt whenever possible. This will save paper and cost for you while still getting a receipt to the customer.

8. I need to resend a receipt to a customer. How do I find it?

The Transaction Log will record some basic information about all of your sales allow you to reprint an old receipt. You have four areas in the transaction log: Unsettled, Recent, Older and Search. Any transaction that has occurred on the same day of business will usually be in the Unsettled log. If the transaction is from the day before, it will be in the Recent log. If it is more than 24 hours old, it will be in the Older log. If you have the Transaction ID from the transaction you are looking for you can Search for it.


Once you have found the transaction, click on the Transaction ID. This will bring you to a section where you can view some basic information about the sale. If the transaction has not settled yet, you will see a Void button. You can void a sale which is similar to a refund if it is unsettled. You will also see a button to View/Print Receipt. Clicking this button will bring you to the receipt where you can reprint or email the receipt again.

9. What are the Reports?

The Reports in your POS will help you understand the amount of credit card volume you have processed. You have views to see the current week or Month and you can see previous weeks or months as well. The two graphs that you have are for Total Sales Volume, or the dollar amount in credit cards you received during that period, and Number of Transactions, which will show the total number of transactions you received for each day, week, or month.


If you would like more detailed reports, you have several at your disposal by logging into your Authorize.Net account.

10. I noticed that I can also process sales through my Authorize.Net account. Can I do that?

Yes, you can. However, we strongly encourage you to use your POS for several reasons. Anything processed through your Authorize.Net account directly will not appear in your POS, which could create some confusion for you or make it hard to find transactions. Additionally, your card reader may not work with your Authorize.Net account, especially if you are using a Mac computer or laptop. Authorize.Net is used to handle the security of your transactions and can be used for some additional reports that can be helpful. Otherwise, it is best to always use your POS from Merchant Focus.

11. What is the Customer tab for?

The Customer tab of your POS will store some basic information about your customers if you enter an email address or address in your POS with the transaction. This data can then be used for marketing or advertising purposes to try and get previous customers to be repeat customers.

12. I'm the Admin user and I want to add employees as users. How do I do it?

As the Admin user, you will have access to a tab called Administration. Once you are in this tab, you can click the blue Add button to add an additional user to your account. Any user you add will have limited access to the account and will not have admin access to add more users. Simply choose a username and password for this user and add his or her name, phone number and email address to set him or her up as a user. Then provide the user information to your employee to access the POS.

13. I feel there are some features missing that I would like to suggest.

Once you are logged into your account, you can click the Feedback tab and give us any suggestions or criticism you have about our product. We would love to hear from you and welcome any feedback we get. We always want to make sure we are offering the best product we can and that our users are happy. All positive and negative feedback is welcome.


If you would like to give positive feedback about how Merchant Focus POS has helped your company, please provide it to us and we will feature your company on our website for other users to see.


You can also leave us feedback in the Google Chrome Web Apps store if you downloaded our service from your Chrome browser. We check our feedback there regularly and will address any feedback we receive.

14. What web browsers do you support?

Merchant Focus POS has been tested to work with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer 9 or newer. If you are using an older version of Internet explorer, please upgrade to at least version nine or you may experience some technical issues.


Merchant Focus POS recommends using Google Chrome. While you will have a similar experience in all browsers, our product has been optimized for use with Chrome.

15. I received an error code when processing a sale. How do I fix it?

There are a wide range of errors that could possibly occur on your account when trying to process a transaction. Authorize.Net has an error code response system that generally does a good job in helping identify the problem so you can resolve it. Please Click Here to visit the Authorize.net Response Reason Codes database.


If you are unable to determine the problem from the above link, please call us at 800-895-4085 and select extension five for merchant support. You will hear another call prompt, then hit extension four, and you will be connected to our 24 technical support line for assistance.

16. What is an API Login ID and Transaction Key?

The API Login ID and Transaction Key are two pieces of code that identify your Authorize.Net account. This is how we link your Authorize.Net account to your Merchant Focus POS. When we first activate your account, we will setup your account for you so you never have to bother with your API Login ID and Transaction Key. If you need to reset this information for any reason, please call us for help at 800-895-4085.

17. The Time is always wrong on my receipts. How do I fix it?

The time that appears your receipts comes from your Authorize.Net gateway and defaults to Pacific Standard Time. To change this to the correct time zone where your business operates, please login to your Authorize.Net account and click on Settings. From there, you will see a link for your Timezone where you can change it to the correct time. Once it is saved, your receipts will report the correct time that the transactions occurred.